Learn how myself and 1,000+ of my Australian students are making $50k - $100k every single month

Once you’ve watched the video, take a look at our Student Results – They are the best Australia Wide 🇦🇺

Rajitha, 26 – Melbourne, Australia

in one month! ➡

Rajitha came to Australia 5 years ago as an international student. He faced many challenges when first arriving here. The main challenge he faced was basic living expenses.

He was working three jobs at one point to just cover his study fees. He even lived in his car at one stage because he couldn’t afford a place to stay.

With these crazy numbers, Rajitha is on track to make $1.9 Million dollars in just his first year. He has put in the time, effort and has worked really hard to make his dream come true.

Parvin, 53
Adelaide, Australia

⬅ in five months!

This is Parvin, she is a 53 year old single Mum from Adelaide, South Australia and had made over $180,000+ in 5 months!

English was her second language and she had no prior experience with eCommerce or computers, yet she still managed to make over $180,000+ within 5 months.

She was working long days and working a job she didn’t enjoy just to provide for her family. She joined the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program, got the support she needed and is on track to make $1M+ in the next year.

Tommi, 19
Adelaide, South Australia

in two months! ➡

This is Tommi from Adelaide, South Australia. He is 19 years old and made over $128,000 in his first 6 months of starting the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program. 

He was working as a 3rd year apprentice electrician, he didn’t enjoy his job and wanted a way out. 

Tommi did not want to be stuck doing a trade for the rest of his life.

Just 6 months after joining the program, he was able to fully quit his apprenticeship, work from home working only 1 hour a day, buy a brand new car that he always wanted and pursue his passion of music full time.

Max, 23
Adelaide, Australia

⬅ in one month!

In the last 30 days, one of our students Max has made over $90,000!
What makes this really special is that this is only Max’s 5th month since he joined the program, and in such a short period of time he’s been able to grow his store to almost a 6 figure monthly income.
Max had no prior experience in eCommerce & was working in a door to door salesman role. He was working insane hours working 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Max found this quite hard mentally & physically.

Emma, 36
Brisbane, Australia

in one month! ➡

Meet Emma, she is a new Mum, 30 years old and based in Brisbane, Queensland.
Emma joined the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program, wanting to leave her job and work from home to look after her new born baby – after just 3 months she has been able to achieve that!
In Emma’s 3rd month, she made over $46,000!
Emma is one of those powerful super Mums in our group who just never gives up, she had no prior experience and worked incredibly hard.
She has now been able to make her dreams come true by working from home while raising her new baby.

Mitch, 22
South Ockendon, UK

⬅ in one month!

This is Mitch from the UK, he is 22 years old, a college drop out and made $25,000 AUD (14,000 pounds) in his first 6 weeks of starting the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program. 

Due to the success of his store, he’s been able to leave his job and travel around the coast of Europe, in great party destinations like Ibiza, France & Greece. 

Even though he’s based in the UK with a different time zone to us, our coaches still managed to work with the time difference & provide the support he needed to succeed. 

He took all of that support onboard and is now financially free.

Kasa, 36
Canberra, Australia

in one month! ➡

Today we will be sharing the amazing story of Kasa, one of our most successful students inside the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program.

Last month he made $67,000+ in sales and has now quit the 2 jobs he was working.

Kasa moved to Australia from Africa with his wife & 3 kids – he wanted to be able to spend more time with them.

Within half a year he is making his annual salary each month, looking after his family whilst only working 1 hour a day from home.

Harry, 26
Melbourne, Australia

⬅ in one month!

Today we are going to share with you another amazing student story. This is Harry, he’s 26 from Melbourne and he made $33,000 in his SECOND month!

He’s now on track to make $50,000 this month. 

Harry joined our group as he wanted to leave his 9-5 job & buy his dream car – a Mustang!

He has not only been able to buy his Mustang but is now financially free and works only 1 hour a day from home – having quit his job recently. 

The one quote Harry lives by is one that Reza (one of the Co-Founders) has said:

“If you can make $1 online you can make $1M+ online”. This has given Harry the inspiration to continually push on.

Austen, 19

in one month! ➡

This is Austen from the USA and he made over $16,000 USD in his first month!

Austen is only 19 years old and is financially stable and supporting his girlfriend and 8 month old daughter through eCommerce.

Austen was seriously Ill and hopitalised in 2020, he recovered and quickly got back onto his feet to provide for his family straight out of highschool!

With the help and support system inside 6FDS Austen has now been able to confidently make money online whilst also being able to do the things he loves.

Abhee, 31
Vancouver, Canada

⬅ in one month!

This is Abhee and he is from Vancouver, Canada! Abhee has made over $12,000+ USD in a SINGLE MONTH!

Abhee joined the 6 Figure Drop Shipper family to be able to travel the world one day.

He comes all the way from Vancouver, Canada and Abhee still joined in on our weekly group calls!

In only his second month he is making over $12,000+ in 1 month!

Abhee now gets to travel all around North America, which was his big goal. Let’s hope to see him in Australia soon!