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🇦🇺 Student Results 🇦🇺

Take a look at our Student Results - They are the best Australia Wide!

Max, 21, Australia - $165,000 in first 5 months

“In my first 5 months I made $165,000 and I couldn’t have done it without the ongoing support from the community.

They do free 1 on 1 calls with coaches, free website tech support which includes coding and 2 weekly group calls with the community.

That’s the thing with this course, it’s not just a mentorship. It’s a community where you get to make lots of new friends and learn from everyone.”

Update: (Max is doing $90,000+ a month) 

Emma, 29, Australia - $93,000 in first 3.5 months

“Since going live with my store, 3.5 months ago I have made $93,000 in sales which I still find really hard to believe 

I will be leaving my childcare job to stay at home full time with my daughter.

It couldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support from the entire coaching team.

If you’re on the fence about joining, take the leap, this has totally changed my family’s life.”

Update: (Emma has now consistently made over $60,000+ a month & works full time from home, raising her daughter)

Luke, 32, Australia - I’ve made on average $12,000 per month

“The support they offer is pretty phenomenal. When I first joined I didn’t think it would be that good and I thought I wouldn’t have success with it… but that was not the case. 

The 1 on 1 coaching calls are phenomenal. Even though I’ve had success with it, I really haven’t taken full advantage of the support they have to offer & I just wondered in hindsight if I did, how much better I would have been.

There are kids in here aged 19-20 who are making $100k a month.

I promise you, if you do this, you will see a result, you almost cannot fail if you follow their process & take advantage of their support. ”

Adhurim, 21, Australia - $100,000 in first 3 months

“I have made over $100,000 in 3 months since joining the 6 Figure Drop Shipper Program.

Before joining the program I was really lost when it came to online sales and ecommerce.

This program has totally changed my life.”

Update: (Adhurim’s highest month is now over $80,000+)

Michael, 21, Australia - I make $30,000 a month from my side hustle

“I am making $30,000 a month from my side hustle. I now also work with 6 Figure Drop Shipper as their head coach, this whole experience has changed my life”

Austen, 19, USA - $15,000 USD in first month

“I made $15,000 USD in my first month. It wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing Facebook group support, 1 on 1 coaching calls, multiple weekly group calls etc.

If you were looking for clarity, this is it. I am living proof that if I can do it, you can do it.

I had no prior experience.”

Update: (Austen consistently makes $15,000 – $20,000 USD per month)

Rajitha, 27, Australia - $357,000 in first 5 months

“Being an international student in Australia is very expensive, I was working several jobs at the same time to pay off my uni fees.

I launched my website within 6 weeks and I have made $357,000 in my first 5 months. None of this would have been possible without the ongoing support.

The free 1 on 1 calls, weekly group calls and everything.
This program is not just about how to get rich, it’s about how to make your life easier and make new friends. Don’t be left out & take action”

Update: (Rajitha just hit his first $150,000+ month, bought a brand new car & moved into a new beach house)

Ignatius, 36, Australia - I have made over $300,000 in sales

“Just last month, I made over $60,000 in sales and if I put everything together (7 months), I have made over $300,000 in sales. 

This is really life changing for me, I have even quit my 3 jobs that I was doing in the past.

I remain grateful for the entire 6 Figure Drop Shipper team, for their assistance and all your help to help me achieve this milestone.”

Matin, 23, Australia - $15,000 in my first 30 days

“I joined about 2 and a half months ago and I must say, it is the best decision I’ve ever made. 

I’m now able to make money on my own terms, wherever I want from my laptop and phone.

Through this I’m able to develop as a person, develop leadership qualities and character.

I’ve made $15,000 within my first 30 days and it’s only going up from here!”

Amin, 28, Australia - This program gave me purpose again

“I was lost in a 9-5 job without any purpose or goal. 

Joining this program motivated me and gave me a purpose again.

And I managed to make over $1,200 in sales after just a few days of launching my ads and website.

Thank you to the coaches!”

Tommi, 18, Australia - My store made $100,000 in the last 3 months

“I was working as a tradie, 50 hours a week, I hated my hob and was looking for a way out. I came across the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program and I did just that, I made 6 figures. 

My store made over $100,000 in the last 3 months and I wasn’t even making half that in a year.

There’s free 1 on 1 calls with mentors, free tech support, everyone helps each other out.

Jump in straight away, I didn’t think this stuff was real until I tried it out myself.

It’s honesty changed my life.”

Geri, 23, Australia - It is a life changing experience

“I have launched my second store and can happily say I’m making my second income from my store! 

It is a life changing experience.

It has really opened my eyes, Reza’s marketing strategy is AMAZING.

It is built to win, it is built to sell.”

Matthew, 23, Australia - Unbelievable, taught me so much

“Taught me so much, especially in terms of Facebook ads. 

Taught me how to do research online for products, build a store online, so many valuable lessons. Can’t thank the team enough! There’s great support and great culture within the group.”

Mawien, 24, Australia - $2,000 in my first week

“Before joining the 6 Figure Drop Shipper Program I was struggling to make my store work. It wasn’t working properly.

Since joining the 6 Figure Drop Shipper Program, I’ve made $2,000 in my first week and it is just the beginning.

It has changed my life!“

Update: (Mawien has now made $120,000+ in his first year & bought himself a new car!) 

Joseph, 17, Australia - $1,300 in my first week of going live

“I’ve been trying drop shipping for a couple years and had no success. 

With the help from Reza and the coaches, it’s done so much for me.

They’re the perfect mentors, they’re always there for you and it’s just perfect support.

Since joining the 6 Figure Drop Shipper Program, I have made $1.3k in my first week of going live.”

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