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6 Figure Drop Shipper (6FDS) has the best student results in Australia – with more students making over $10,000 per month than any other program out there, we are the best and most reliable.

Max, 21, Australia - $165,000 in first 5 months 👇

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Emma, 29, Australia - $93,000 in first 3.5 months👇

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Luke, 32, Australia - I’ve made on average $12,000 per month 👇

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Adhurim, 21, Australia - $100,000 in first 3 months 👇

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Michael, 21, Australia - I make $30,000 a month from my side hustle 👇

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Matin, 23, Australia - $15,000 in my first 30 days 👇

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Rajitha, 27, Australia - $357,000 in first 5 months 👇

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Ignatius, 36, Australia - I have made over $300,000 in sales 👇

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Tommi, 18, Australia - My store made $100,000 in the last 3 months 👇

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More student results

Rajitha, 26 – Melbourne, Australia

in one month! ➡

Rajitha came to Australia 5 years ago as an international student from Sri Lanka.
He was working three jobs just cover his Uni fees. At one stage he was homeless, living in his car. 
With these crazy numbers, Rajitha is on track to make well over $1 Million dollars in his first year. He had no prior experience. 

Tommi, 19
Adelaide, South Australia

in six months! ➡

Tommi made over $128,000 in his first 6 months of starting the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program. 

He was working as a 3rd year apprentice electrician and wanted a way out. 

Just 6 months after joining the program, he quit his apprenticeship, now works 1 hour a day from home & bought a new car. 

Parvin, 53
Adelaide, Australia

⬅ in five months!

She is a 53 year old single Mum and has made over $180,000+ in only 5 months!

English was her second language and she had no prior experience with eCommerce.

She is on track to make $500k+ in the next year.

Max, 23
Adelaide, Australia

⬅ in one month!

Within 5 months of starting our program, Max is making $90k per month. 
Max had no prior experience in eCommerce & was working as a door to door salesman, selling vacuums. 
He is now financially free & working from home.  

Emma, 36
Brisbane, Australia

in one month! ➡

Emma is a 30 years old mum. 

Emma joined the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program, wanting to leave her job and work from home to look after her new born baby – after just 3 months she has been able to achieve that!
In Emma’s 3rd month, she made over $46,000! 

She is now making over $100k per month.

She had no prior experience.

Kasa, 36
Canberra, Australia

in one month! ➡

Kasa came to Australia from Kenya in search of a better life. 

Last month he made $67,000+ in sales and has now quit the 2 jobs he was working.

He now works from home & gets to spend time with his wife & 3 kids. 

He had no prior experience. 

Mitch, 22
London, UK

⬅ in one month!

Mitch is a college drop out and made $25,000 AUD (14,000 pounds) in his first 6 weeks of starting the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program.  

He quit his trade job & traveled across the European coast, partying in places like France & Ibiza.

He had no prior experience.

Harry, 26
Melbourne, Australia

⬅ in one month!

Harry is 26 from Melbourne and he made $33,000 in his SECOND month! 

He’s now making well over $80k per month. 

Harry joined our group as he wanted to leave his 9-5 job & buy his dream car – a Mustang! 

He had no prior experience.

Austen, 19

in one month! ➡

Austen is only 19 years old and is financially stable and supporting his girlfriend and 8 month old daughter through eCommerce.

He had no prior experience.

Abhee, 31
Vancouver, Canada

in one month! ➡

Abhee has made over $12,000+ USD ( $16,000+) in a his FIRST MONTH!

Abhee joined the 6 Figure Drop Shipper family to be able to travel the world one day.

Abhee now gets to travel all around North America, which was his big goal. Let’s hope to see him in Australia soon!

6 Figure Drop shipper Team

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