Refund Policy

6 Figure Drop Shipper Pty Ltd (ABN 51 644 579 019) (“we”, “us” or the “6FDS”) prides itself on providing online courses of the highest quality and is committed to customer satisfaction. This refunds policy describes generally how we manage our online course refunds. Refunds remain subject to our Online Course Terms and Conditions If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Refunds will only be made to the extent required by Consumer Law and other applicable consumer protection. 

Confidentiality disclaimer 

This document and the 6FDS online courses which you have access to through the 6 Figure Drop Shipper online portal contains confidential and proprietary information of the Company. Except with the express prior written permission of the Company, this document and the information contained herein may not be published, disclosed, altered, repurposed, adopted or used for any other purpose.


6 Figure Drop Shipper Refund Policy Introduction 

6 Figure Drop Shipper has a very simple refund process that is in accordance with the consumer laws of Australia and the United Arab Emirates (as we have an office there – Dubai).

We employ a team of approximately 20 full time staff and are registered organisations in both Australia and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Meaning, due to our large team, we have high operational costs to keep things running smoothly for our students. 

Please read our refund policy before joining the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program to get familiar with it. 

We have 2 types of situations to our Refund Policy:

  1. Change Of Mind Policy*
  2. Failing To Make A Sale Policy*

Keep in mind, under the consumer laws of Australia and the UAE, we are under no legal obligation to provide refunds of any kind due to change of minds, but we have created our own specific refund policy that also addresses change of minds to help some of these students. 

Please continue reading to learn how both of these policies play out & to learn what our company policies are around them. 

Who is not eligible for refunds: A “lack of motivation” or “not having the time anymore” is not a good enough reason for a refund and is not in accordance with the laws set out by Australian Consumer Law or the Federal Law of the United Arab Emirates. 

Please make sure that you can set aside at least 5 hours a week to complete the course (or 1 hour a day), this is mentioned during our onboarding call or video you may have watched prior to joining our program – so you have been informed about this before joining our program.

Not being aware of our policies is not a valid reason to request a partial or full refund after joining our program – just like ignorance of the law is not a valid defence to any crime being committed (speeding over a speed limit you weren’t aware of etc). 

So we encourage you to please read our policies before joining and ask us any questions for clarification if you need. 

We reserve the right to decline refunds for students who do not meet the criteria listed below. 

Remember, if you do not fit the criteria, you may not be eligible for a refund.

Some students in exceptional circumstances not in line with Consumer Law may be eligible for partial refunds at our discretion, but this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

We are here to help you and our students, please be aware of our policies before you join so you are aware of them.

1. Change Of Mind Refund Policy* – Partial Refunds:

  1. If you change your mind and it’s within 72 hours of joining the 6FDS program, you are entitled to receive 70% of your course payment as a partial refund
  2. Change of mind after 3 days but within the first 14 days of signing up, 50% of program payment
  3. Anything after 14 but within 30 days of signing up (15 day window) allows you a 25% partial refund. 
  4. After 30 days, our ‘Change Of Mind’ policy partial refunds are no longer applicable and you cannot use this as a way to get a partial refund. 

By selecting the ‘Change Of Mind’ policy, you are effectively ‘cancelling’ your membership with 6 Figure Drop Shipper, which means your course access & coaching access will no longer be accessible until you choose to repay the amount you received in your partial refund – this is to get your account balance back up to scratch. 

Please note that partial refunds due to a change of mind are not applicable after 30 days of signing up. 

We are under no obligation by the consumer laws of Australia or the United Arab Emirates to provide refunds of any kind due to change of mind, but we have created our own above to accommodate those students who start and decide this isn’t for them – why we do not offer full refunds is because there is a real life cost to onboarding a new student in our course and we have decided, at our discretion to provide those partial refunds based on time spent inside the 6FDS program, regardless of the student’s level of course completion, in relation to our ‘Change Of Mind’ policy. 

Refunds will be sent to your bank account of choice in Australia usually via bank transfer or perhaps back to the card used to make the purchase or via PayPal. International students will get refunds issued back to their card used to make the purchase, PayPal or in some instances via bank transfer. Please allow anywhere from 2-10 business days for funds to be visible in your bank account. 

2. Failing To Make A Sale Policy – Full Refunds*

Under Consumer Laws, we are not required to issue refunds for lack of success, but we are so confident that you will be able to make at least one sale by following our program & consultancy services, that we provide Full Refunds to students who complete the program in full, launch their store following our processes, utilise our free ongoing coaching/consulting and test at least 2 viable products and still make no sales. 

Meaning if you do all of that and don’t make a single sale, we will refund you 100% of your course fees. You will still need to verify you’ve followed our instructions and we can only accept full adherence to our criteria. 

Please read below to understand what the criteria is for this specific refund policy.

Note: By completing our training & utilising our consultancy/coaching services, you will naturally complete these steps below anyway, so we are not trying to make this difficult for you but have these specific steps in here so you follow our step by step instructions & attain the highly valuable skills you paid to learn – requesting a refund without completing our process is unfair & you will be ineligible for a refund. 

Time constraint: You must also get your store live and running within 7 months of joining 6FDS to be eligible for the ‘Failure To Make A Sale’ policy. We are here to get you results, which means relatively prompt action must be taken on your end too, to be eligible. 

Here is the criteria for our ‘Failure To Make A Sale’ Refund Policy (9 Steps):

1. Completed Course, Set Up Store & Running Within 7 Months Of Joining:

  • You have watched the entire course up to Week 5 (every video up until then, we can check this)
  • If you wait over 7 months to get your store live and don’t make sales, this refund policy will be void. Relatively prompt action must be taken on your end from joining, there is no time limit to the support but there is a limit on how long this specific refund policy is valid for. 

2. Completed Product Research & Had Coaching Call To Help Pick Your Products:

  • You have completed your product research by following our proprietary Product Research Guidelines sheet and had a few products selected by our coaches. It is paramount that once you have completed your product research that you book some sort of coaching call or coaching ticket to help get your products narrowed down to the best selling ones. (Must get coach’s help on your products before moving forward). 

3. Built Website & Designed It Using Our Principles & Templates:

  • You have built your website in accordance with our frameworks, templates, strategies and methods, uploaded your products correctly and priced them correctly how we teach (charm pricing and within fair market value). 
  • You must be using our custom 6FDS website template and no other template, nor designed your website in any way other than how we teach it inside the course. 
  • Have used our free Tech Support to help you fix any potential problems on your website & get it up to scratch. 

4. Domain Name: 

  • You have bought a domain name and picked a business name that is following our guidelines for how to choose & purchase a domain name. 

5. Website Review:

  • You have submitted your website for review for a coach via a 1 on 1 coaching call or coaching ticket at least 2 times throughout your website build and a coach has approved of your website and given you the thumbs up to move to the social media advertising section of the course (Week 5 – where FB/IG ads begins). 

6. Ad Creation:

  • You have watched Week 5’s videos, set up your ads in accordance with the materials provided in the course and have had a coach review and optimise your ad angles before going live

7. Product Testing #1

  • You have tested your first product, through two rounds of ad testing (each round you spent $160 AUD, $40 over 4 days) if you don’t get any sales during this first round, you will pause your ads and seek advice from a coach via a free 1 on 1 coaching call or coaching ticket, you will then engage in a second round of testing ($40 ad spend a day over 4 days, $160 AUD), if you still do not get any sales (total spend from testing is now $320 AUD), then you will either book another coaching call or submit a coaching ticket for a coach to review your ads + website to see what can be improved for your next product. 

8. Product Testing #2

  • Once you begin testing your 2nd product, you must repeat the same process as step. 7 – if you complete a first round of testing for a product, again with no sales, it’s important that you book in a coaching slot so we can help you make adjustments in order to make sales (that’s what our coaching is for).
  • You will need to have done 4 total rounds of testing, 2 rounds of testing on each product. Totalling 4 rounds of testing, totalling approximately $640 AUD in ads or approx $430 USD in ad spend. 

9. Refund:

  • If you have completed all of the steps above + booked in the coaching required (which you will naturally do anyway by completing the course as it’s designed) and don’t make a single sale after following all of the steps above, then we will give you a 100% money back refund on your course fees. Not including ad costs & any related business expenses. 
  • Refunds will be sent to your bank account of choice in Australia usually via bank transfer or perhaps back to the card used to make the purchase or via PayPal. International students will get refunds issued back to their card used to make the purchase, PayPal or in some instances via bank transfer. Please allow anywhere from 2-10 business days for funds to be visible in your bank account.

The reason why we use ‘1 sale’ as a metric of success is that you have just learned how to make money on the internet, whether profitable or not, the point is that you have learned the skills we’ve provided, to create value out of the internet, which is not something many people can do – meaning, our training helped you:

  • Research, identify & pick products that are in high demand
  • Source suppliers to house & ship your products for you
  • Understand the key elements of a website, build your website, register a domain name, create your logo and create a compelling website for customers to transact on
  • And it means you would’ve learned how to successfully set up a social media advertising campaigns, market your products correctly to generate a sale out of it

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to quit your 9-5 job from our program or reach any level of financial success that you may desire, as there are many variables involved, but we are willing to guarantee that if you follow our process & criteria, that you’ll make at least 1 sale – which you can then use as a learning lesson to repeat the process and make adjustments to increase your sales (this is how we all start). 

Therefore, if you don’t manage to make at least 1 sale, then we will give you a full refund of what you paid for the course – this is only possible if you have completed the steps within 7 months of joining the course, otherwise you will not be eligible. 

Our policy is designed to encourage action in our students.

Estimated Set Up Costs (Not Including Course Fees):

We encourage you to set aside at least $750 AUD to get your store started, this can be used for financing specific product research tools that may need to be purchased, your domain name, shopify hosting & ad spend – an ideal however amount is $1,000 AUD (~$670 USD) to set aside. You won’t use all of this at once but it is important to have capital ready to invest in your business. As you begin making sales, you will reinvest those sales back into ads. You may also spend more than this amount, however this amount is what we recommend to get your store started & to be eligible for our ‘Failure To Make A Sale’ refund policy.

Lastly, our refund policy is only covering the course fees paid out to 6 Figure Drop Shipper, we will not be refunding any ad costs, domain costs, software subscriptions or related expenses. 

As your eCommerce business grows, you will incur more costs such as accounting fees, registration fees and whatnot – which are too difficult to estimate early on as each student’s needs are different. 

Ending Notes: 

If your refund request is not in accordance with our ‘Full Refund’ policy, the ‘Change Of Mind’ policy or other Consumer Laws, then you may be ineligible for a refund, according to Consumer Laws. 

If you are in accordance with our refund policies and are inline with Consumer Laws, then please visit our Contact Page on our website and go under the ‘Existing Students’ section to get in touch with us via the emails provided, please allow for up to 2 full business days for a response – we try our best to get in touch as quickly as we can. 

DO NOT try to reach out to us via social media for a refund as these messages do not go to the right people – since we want to help you as quickly as possible, please contact us via email only (view Contact Page on our website,

We are truly here to help out the community and do our part in the world. 

Thank you and see you inside the program!