Refund Policy

6 Figure Drop Shipper Pty Ltd (ABN 51 644 579 019) (“we”, “us” or the “6FDS”) prides itself on providing online courses of the highest quality and is committed to customer satisfaction. This refunds policy describes generally how we manage our online course refunds. Refunds remain subject to our Online Course Terms and Conditions If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Refunds will only be made to the extent required by Australian Consumer Law and other applicable Australian consumer protection. If you are otherwise not satisfied with the product and service that you receive from us, you may be entitled to a refund to us in accordance with the below.

Confidentiality disclaimer 

This document and the 6FDS online courses which you have access to through the 6 Figure Drop Shipper online portal contains confidential and proprietary information of the Company. Except with the express prior written permission of the Company, this document and the information contained herein may not be published, disclosed, altered, repurposed, adopted or used for any other purpose.


No refunds 

if sales made If you make a sale after implementing any/all of our strategies this will be considered a success and you will not be entitled to a refund on the purchase of any of our 6 Figure Drop Shipper training program(s) under any other circumstances. The thinking is, if you can make 1 sale, you can repeat the process and make several.

No displacement of the Australian Consumer Law

6FDS is committed to adhering to the principles of consumer protection provided in Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), also known as the ‘Australian Consumer Law’ (‘ACL’). This refund policy does not exclude the warranties and guarantees which are not excludable by the ACL. All other warranties and guarantees are excluded by operation of this policy.

Entitlement to refund

Subject to our obligations to provide refunds under the Australian Consumer Law, refunds will not be given unless you provide us with complete evidence to our satisfaction to demonstrate that:

  1. You have attempted to sell and/or tested at least 9 different products (‘Products’) through 3 different niches and/or stores (‘Stores’) that:
    1. fit our Product Research Guidelines sheet (available through the 6FDS online portal available in Module 3.1.1 of Week 1
    2. are priced at fair market value; and
    3. are marketed using the methodologies we teach in our 6FDS online training courses available at (‘Online Portal’);
  2. The Products and/or Stores which you have attempted to sell have at all material times been priced at fair market value and further that you have followed at all times any criteria, guidelines or other instructions provided by us to you;
  3. You have completed the following performance metrics:
    1. you have joined four (4) weekly group calls conducted 2x per week on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30pm Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) with the 6FDS training team (‘Group Calls’); and
    2. you had had at least six (6) 1-on-1 coaching calls with a 6FDS approved coach or team member to help you pick your products, optimise your website and optimise your ads (‘Coaching Calls’); and
    3. at all times you have participated with the reasonable efforts with the Group Calls, the Coaching Calls and the 6 Figure Drop Shipper program generally;
    4. Have watched 100% of week 1, 100% of week 2, 100% of week 3, 100% of week 4 and 100% of week 5 at the minimum in order to have received adequate training.
  4. You have set up a Facebook ads manager account in accordance with the information provided by us and have provided quality imagery or video creatives modelled after your top competitor's stores and/or advertisements;
  5. You have at least one live active Facebook ad campaigns running to your website or product at the time of your refund request that is not generating any results;
  6. You have Facebook ad account data proof to show that:
    1. each of your Products and/or Stores have been tested by you with at least 2 advertising approaches and/or angles being taken with each Product and/or Store, that is, you have tested a total of at least 4 ad angles for each product, across all of your Products and/or Stores; and
    2. at least $250.00 (AUD) has been spent on each of the 9 products / stores you have run, that is, and a total of $2,250.00 (AUD) has been spent across all 3 Products and/or Stores;
    3. ineffective advertisements have been turned off and new advertisements have been launched in accordance with our instructions on at least one occasion; and
    4. you have tested different video/image creatives with different angles and pitches following formulas/criteria taught in the 6FDS training program available in the Online Portal and/or the 6FDS members only Facebook group (‘6FDS Members Only Facebook Group’);
  7. You have an active Facebook and Instagram page with at least 1,000 page likes, providing potential customers a legitimate reason to buy a 6 Six Figure Drop Shipper product from the social proof;
  8. You have attempted various marketing/ad strategies as suggested by us in the training + 6FDS Members Only Facebook Group, advertising on both Facebook Newsfeed and Instagram Newsfeed;
  9. You have asked us for feedback on your store, ads, offers, product, or niche at least six times through the 1 on 1 coaching calls to allow for further assistance; and
  10. Your offer, pricing and terms must be fair and fall within the acceptable market conditions of your product. For example, if you’re selling a hair dryer, and the average price the majority of retailers sell their products for $100, you trying to sell these items for $150 is not acceptable, unless you are providing a premium level product

The 6 Figure Drop Shipper policy is that if you can make one sale, you can repeat the process to make 1,000 sales. You will therefore be disqualified from a refund from the time you make at least one sale of at least one of your Products through at least one of your Stores.