How it works

How It Works

How Drop Shipping works

Before we can explain what dropshipping is, dropshipping is the same as eCommerce – eCommerce is buying and selling products on the internet. Dropshipping is just a form of eCommerce. 

Dropshipping works like this: Instead of buying your products from a supplier in bulk, storing them at your home and shipping them to customers directly – you only buy your products from your supplier AFTER you have made a sale.

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How 6FDS Works

How The 6FDS Course Works

When you join the 6FDS program, you gain access to a worldclass 6 week online course (that you can do in your own time, get lifetime access to and can complete within 30 days). 

In the course, you’re going to learn:

You are getting access to a world class program, the best part is that our team of coaches/mentors will actually sit down with you on a private 1 on 1 Zoom call and help you with each step of the process. 

Meaning, we will actually help you pick which products to sell, we will help you build your website AND we will help you create your ads from our expert coaches.

You are getting world class training materials and support which is not found anywhere else in this industry.

THIS is why our students are so successful.

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