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How It Works

How Does 6FDS Work

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How Does This Work? Here's The 6FDS Process

This is the process to getting started with 6 Figure Drop Shipper, we have the best results in Australia, NZ and the world, working with us and launching your business has a process, read below to get familiar and get started. 


Book A Free Intro Call

Jump on a brief 40 minute call to ensure that this business model is right for you. If you meet our criteria to become a student then we’ll outline the next steps for how you can get started.


Start Learning

Gain instant access to our private 6,000+ person community, access to our 6 & 7 figure coaches and start watching our 150+ video step by step course that’s produced more successful students than any other eCommerce program.


Get Free 1 on 1 Coaching

Our experienced coaches will help you pick which products to sell, help optimise your website and ads correctly so you can get customers to your business.


Start Making Sales $$

Launch your business! Share your amazing new eCommerce business to the world and generate sales. Now, you just focus on scaling and profit optimisation.